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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Building Your Blog 201 - Content Is King

Content is king.  I'm sure you've heard this before, and if you haven't, then let me introduce the concept to you: Without content, your blog will die.  It really is that simple.  If you start a blog and have less than let's say: 30 posts, then your blog will sit there and be stagnant.  Yes, you  may get a little traffic here and there, but generally you won't get return visitors.

Readers want new, interesting, concise, and accurate content, and without that there is really no reason for them to come to your blog at all when there is a wealth of information out there on other sites for them to find.

That being said, let's look at some ways for you to get some great content for your site:

Let's say you're making a blog about home decorating.
Now you could go out and rip off everybody else's content (plagiarism) and you'd have a website that is likely to get you into trouble, and is unoriginal and therefor uninteresting.  


1) You could use your own knowledge and experience of home decorating (that is why you started a home decorating blog isn't it?) to make some super awesome and original articles to help people out.

2) Find YouTube videos with clips of home decorating tips from shows like those found on the DIY network and HGTV.  Take note that each post with these types of videos should have at least some of your own original content in them however, and videos should be used to suppliment your content, not replace it.

3) In conjunction with Amazon Affiliates, blog about home decorating books (or books on your blog topic) that you found really useful.  Amazon affiliates will allow you to post links and pictures of these books (or supplies) in your blog, and when people click on the product from your link and buy it, you get a cut of the profit!  Note however that this should not be done too often, or else your blog will just look like one big advertisement.

4) Browse the web to see what other people are talking about with this same topic.  While it's not a great idea to just use their ideas (plagiarism), this should be spawning new ideas for you about new things to write about in your own unique way!
5) Watching YouTube videos or TV shows or movies about the topic I'm writing about often inspire me to write about new and interesting things, and this can be a great inspiration for you as well.  Perhaps you've just seen a great episode of a home decorating show on HGTV and you've decided to tackle the project yourself.  Document it with pictures, and write about what you did, how you did it, why you did it, and where you got the inspiration to do it (give a link to a video or embed one if you can).  In this way, suddenly the content that you saw somewhere else becomes uniquely your own because now it's something you've done and have experience doing as well.

6) Write tutorials to show how to do something you know how to do relating to your topic.  Maybe you've discovered a great way to keep paint off the ceiling when you paint the walls (common knowledge is ok to blog about too), and you want to share it on your home decorating blog.  Use pictures, video, graphs, or even hand drawn diagrams to show how it's done!

7) Blog about which products you prefer in relation to your topic.  If you're blogging about cars, blog about which brands you prefer and why.  Blogs were originally meant to give one's opinion, so this is definitely a great source of content.  For our home decorating example, maybe you've found you like one brand of painters tape over the others.  Tell your readers why and you may just sway them to switch brands too!  Consequently, you may also be able to use Amazon Affiliates here to showcase the brand of tape (or whatever product) as opposed to just using a plain image.

When you're doing this type of posting, you should put a disclaimer at the end of the post that lets readers know you have not been paid to blog in favor of any specific brand, but these are your own opinions formulated by your own experience.  (And if you have been paid to blog in favor of something, let the readers know that in a disclaimer too)!

8) Cover any news in your subject area as often as you can, because this is sure to bring people in from the search engines who want to know about the newest information on this topic.  If you run a car blog and it turns out that one of the brands has had a major recall because of safety issues, then blog about it!  In the case of the home decor website, maybe HGTV is running a new contest for the new dream house or something of that nature, and you can blog about it.  Make sure all your labels (tags) are set correctly so that people can find your post from the search engines. 

9) Link to other valuable websites and resources that you have found helpful.  Not only will you be helping your fellow bloggers or website owners, but your readers will be grateful if you send them to information they can use.  In some cases there is just no way around this as you can't write about something specific because of copyright infringement, but you want them to have the information regardless.

Without content, your blog will die.
10) Ask other bloggers to write guest posts for your blog and tell them the article will link back to their blog or website.  These should be bloggers whose opinion you value and trust, perhaps from your favorite websites or blogs.  Chances are they will jump at the chance because it is traffic they will get back to their site, so in reality you both profit because you get a great guest article and they get traffic.  Odds are they will also link to the guest post they wrote from their website, so you may get some traffic from their site as well.

Don't get discouraged however if they say no.  If your blog is getting less than 1,000 visitors a day and their blog or website is getting huge numbers of visitors, they may say no.  It's ok.  Wait until your site is getting heavier traffic, and ask again later.  Always be polite, and when you do get a guest author, be sure that their article gets some prominence as a guest author on your site for a while.

Also, when having a guest author write articles for your blog, make sure that they are not re-posting these same articles on their own sites, or else you could get dinged because the search engines will believe you have plagiarized.

With these strategies you are sure to be writing on your topic of choice for a long time.  Remember, as a blogger writing in a niche, your goal is to have a blog with comprehensive information on all related topics to your niche, therefor you should have quite a bit to write about.  Searching other sites similar to yours will help you get ideas, but again, be sure you're not plagiarizing or just stealing their content to write in your own way.

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I agree that content is super important, but I read something on another site saying that content wasn't king, and that the most important thing was marketing. I'm not sure but I really do agree that if there is nothing good on a site, marketing won't help. I always back out of sites if I don't see what I need in the first little bit.

Thanks for posting

@ Anonmymous: Would that be on the Kid Blogger's blog that you saw that Content isn't king? I saw that too. Beware of the Kidblogger. Most of the posts on that blog are guest posts written by other people, not the kidblogger himself. Guest posts every now and again are ok, but not the majority.

Also, what you say is true. You can market all you want, but if you bring people to your site, and there's no good or relevant content, then they are going to stay for less than a few seconds and the traffic you get does you no good.

Thanks for posting!

Great tips! I agree that content is king. If your content isn't readable and relevant, it will be impossible to engage with readers.
Rewriting is something I see a lot. It's irritating, like reading People Mag, then UsWeekly then turning on E! News.. all you hear is the same story retold in a different way. It's boring and tiresome.


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