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FT Themes: Free WordPress Themes

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Ping-o-matic (For getting traffic)

Google Analytics (Monitoring traffic)

Alexa (The Web Information Company)

Monetizing Services

Google Adsense

Amazon Associates

Zazzle Affiliates

SEO Resources

Google AdWords: Keyword Tool (For SEO of your labels/tags in posts)

20 Minute SEO Audit Guide

Google PR and SERP Checker 

Text Link Checker Tool (See if you're linked to bad neighborhoods)

Other Resources

Write For Us

Web Hosting Geeks (Compares the best web hosts, prices, features, etc)

Plagiarism Checker (For when people are guest posting for you)

Social Oomph (Lets you schedule Tweets for free)

Twitter Rank Checker Tool 

Easy Video Suite - All In One Video Marketing Software

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