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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Traffic 202 - Monitoring Traffic With Analytics

So you've got some traffic coming to your blog... you think.  How can you be sure?

Well, aside from using the 'monetize' tab on blogger to see how many page impressions you have, you can sign up for a Google Analytics account and set it up so Google Analytics will monitor all sorts of information about your blog such as: How many visitors per day, visitor trends, what countries visitors come from, how long visitors stay on your site, where online the traffic is coming from, etc.  This is all free and easy to use, and the Analytics site has all the tutorials you can dream of on how to set things up.

Note: If you're using the updated Blogger interface, then Analytics is already built into all of your blogs, and you need only to click 'Stats' in the dashboard.  For now though I'm sticking with the old blogger interface because I feel like it navigates better, and the old interface is what my tutorials are based off of.

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