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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monetizing 102 - Zazzle

In Monetizing 101 we learned about Adsense.  Lets learn about a second way to earn money with your blog.

Perhaps you've heard about making money via promoting products for sale online.  Well, here's some good news: Zazzle's affiliate program makes it easier than ever, and lets you promote whatever product you want!

What is Zazzle?  Zazzle lets people upload their artwork to shirts, hats, bags, skateboards, iPad cases, dog clothes, posters, post cards, shoes, and much more... too much to list in fact.  The product doesn't get made until a customer orders it.  Zazzle handles all the finances, shipping, returns, and payment to the artist.  It's a great company, and I've made some good money uploading my artwork there.  Check out my store to see what I'm talking about.  Best of all, it's free!  No cost to post products or set up a store.

So how does this lead to you making money with your blog?

1) Sign up for an account with zazzle.com

2) Go to their Affiliate Page (linked above) or their 'Associate Center' in your account area.

3) Open up a new tab and search for a store or product you like on zazzle... perhaps one that relates to your website.  Let's say you have a dog website again, and so you'd look for a witty dog T-shirt. (They even give you banners for some items, and the banner already comes set up with your affiliate link and html... see below).
Pet Clothing

4) Follow the directions on the affiliate page to get a widget or a link to that product or store and put the widget and link on your blog in the sidebar, or even in a specific post.  HERE is the link to some of Zazzle's free promotional tools and guides (I believe you have to already be signed in to view it).  Also HERE is how I link to most of the products I promote, or you can check out the video below to see how it's done:

5) Viola.  Whenever somebody clicks on your link or widget, and then buys ANYTHING on Zazzle.com within 45 days of clicking on your widget or link, you get paid a percentage of the sale!  Percentages start at 15% and go up to 30%.  Not bad money for just putting some links or widgets on your site every once in a while that already relate to your content and niche!

Want to see an example of this?  I promoted my own store in that link that said 'check out my store'.  If you clicked on it and went to Zazzle, and you buy anything from my store or anybody else's store in the next 45 days, then I get a percentage of it.  Easy as pie!

Check out this video about zazzle on CNN  for more info about Zazzle.

Also check out the video about zazzle below!

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