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Friday, September 23, 2011

Starting A Blog 106 - Pages

Blogs used to be simple web pages with one page and different url's for every post you created on that one page.  Now blogs are an enormously awesome tool for creating free websites in a simple, fast manner, because you can now create multiple pages (as seen on this site... Home, Starting A Blog, Monetizing, etc).  So how do you do this?  It's super simple.

1) Go into your posting editor as discussed in Starting A Blog 105 - Posting.

2) Notice that there are three tabs in this window: 'New Post,' 'Edit Posts,' and 'Edit Pages.'  Click on 'Edit Pages'.  You now have the option to create a 'New Page' or work on existing pages.

3) When you create a new page you get a window that looks just like the 'New Post' window!  Simple.  Make a title for your page such as 'FAQ' or 'Contact' or whatever you want, and begin adding content.  As you can see from this site, I've used the pages to organize the posts I've written so that users like you can browse the posts easily and find what they need easily.

4) Just like in a regular post you can create links, pictures, videos, and any number of other interesting things!

5) You'll be asked at some point in the process of creating a new page if you want tabs or if you want your pages listed in a column.  That's up to preference, but mine is tabs (as you can see if you look at the top of this page).

That's it!  If you've mastered the posting tutorial, than creating new pages should be a breeze!  Or, in case you want a visual demo of how this is done, check out the short video tutorial below!

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