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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Traffic 103 - Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of those great ways to get yourself noticed and bring new readership to your blog.  You might be asking how that's possible, and I'm here to tell you how.

1) First, writing a guest post on a really popular or successful blog or website can expose you to high volumes of readers that didn't know you existed.  While each website that accepts guest posts has it's own guidelines, the general rules of thumb are: Save some of your best and most amazing posts for guest blogging, and once your guest post is published on another site, you can't publish it on your own site or anywhere else.  It becomes exclusive content for the site you published it on.  You can always link to it from your own site however.

Blogging in this way can build your reputation online, and as people discover who you are and get to know your writing, and perhaps love your posts, they will venture to your own blog to see what else you have to say.

2) Secondly, when you write a guest article for other blogs there are usually up to three backlinks that will go back to your site.  This will help your search engine rankings (higher rankings = higher traffic), and will also hopefully send some traffic your way from the site where you guest posted itself.

At this point guest blogging may be sounding pretty good to you, but you're asking yourself, how do I get myself a gig guest blogging for another site?  Relax, we'll walk you through it.

For the most part you should concentrate on guest posting in your own niche, as these have the targeted audience you'd like to come back to your blog.  You should already be searching out and reading other people's blogs and websites related to your topic in any case in order to get ideas for your blog (although never plagiarizing), so you may already have some favorites.

Some blogs will have a tab or link that says: 'Write for us' and will give you guidelines for guest posts, and others you may have to contact directly to ask about guest posting, or have a post already written and ready to submit to them to see if they'll post it for you.  You shouldn't necessarily just target the top blogs or sites in your niche, but rather ones you like and trust and would like your content to be seen on.  Sometimes smaller blogs will have smaller readership, but very loyal visitors that would be great for your blog as well.

Another great way to get a gig guest blogging is with sites like 'My Blog Guest' which allow you to sign up for a free account, write a variety of guest posts in different topics, and then sit back and wait for other bloggers to ask you to use your guest post on their sites.  While My Blog Guest doesn't have a high user base right now, it's a great idea, especially for beginner guest bloggers.  The following video shows how these services work.

The key things to remember when guest blogging are:

- Save your best articles for guest blogs (you can always link to them from your site).
- Don't re-publish your guest blogs on other sites or on your own.
- Guest post on blogs you enjoy reading in your niche.
- Try to follow the guest posting rules for each blog you intend to post on.
- You can expect some traffic from guest blogs, but it may not be immediate, and it may not always be large numbers.  Sometimes these things take patience.
- You will probably have a greater chance of getting guest post gigs on sites that you 'cold call' if you are already active in their commenting sections, and forums, and if the blog owner is already familiar with you and your site.

If you want to know more about guest blogging and how exactly it can help you, then you should really check out the video HERE on guestblogging.com... seriously, check it out!

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