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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Traffic 205 - Commenting On Blogs

If you've ever blogged before the odds are you've gotten at least some spam in your comment section, and it probably had nothing to do with your content at all.  Been there done that, and I don't want to be one of those spammy people that gets their comments deleted.

As with everything there is a right way, and a very, very wrong way, to comment for traffic.  Let's go over that now so you can save yourself the pain and humiliation of being labeled 'spam' and getting deleted everywhere you post comments

The wrong way to comment for traffic:

1) 'Wow, I really liked your blog.  Visit my blog at www.imaspammysob.com'

2) 'Hey, cool blog.'  (Worthless comment with a link to your blog next to your name).

3) Name:  Keyword keyword keyword   Website: www.imaspammysob.com
Comment: Nice.

4) 'Hey, great post.  Can you link back to my post?'

5) 'This post sucks.  Come check out my blog instead at www.imaspammysob.com'

6) 'www.imaspammysob.com'

7) 'Hi.  I like your blog.  I have a blog just like yours.  Visit it here, because it's much better.  www.imaspammysob.com'

The right way to comment for traffic:

1) Do not link to your own website within the comment.  There is an area in comment sections to give your website address, and this is the only place you should put the url to your blog.

2) Give a meaningful comment that's more than just one sentence or just a few words.  The comment should add something that perhaps the blogger did not write about in the post (but still relates to the content they wrote), or information that needs to be corrected (courteously).

3) Do not use keywords or links as your name.  Here's an idea, why don't you use your name?

4) Do not ask for links or give other business offers in comment sections.  Most blogs have a 'contact us' link that you should direct all business.

5) Do not give nonconstructive criticism and then invite people to your blog.

6) Just giving your blog url is sure to get you deleted.  See tip #1 above.

7) I always hated getting comments like comment #7 above.  There is no useful content in the comment, only an advertisement.

Now that we've gone over the right and wrong ways to comment on somebody's blog, you may be wondering what the value of commenting is.

If you have a meaningful, insightful comment on somebody's post, you might get readers from their post (or the blogger themself) clicking back to your blog, or possibly even linking to your blog if they find content they really like.  For each comment you make, you will also put one more link to your blog out there for the search engines to find to push your rank just a little higher.  Just remember to only give your website url where it's been asked for it, and never anywhere else.

As suggested on copy blogger and guest blogger, commenting regularly on the posts of blogs that you like in your niche may also open up guest blogging opportunities for you.

To learn more about commenting for traffic and the proper way in which to do it, see this great article on Copyblogger HERE.

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#6 happens shockingly often! There is no comment or anything, just a link. It drives me nuts!
Picking a fight is sure to get you deleted/not followed as well. If you don't like the subject, better not to comment at all than to try and 'call someone out' on their own blog. Play nice!
Like the saying goes: "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."
"5) 'This post sucks. Come check out my blog instead at www.imaspammysob.com'" <-this has happened to me. The poster actually said 'You did a crappy job writing about this. Everyone come to my blog to see a REAL writer in action *link*' It was just a wow moment.

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