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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Money From Micro-Blogs 402 - Don'ts

Now that you know what a micro-blog is and how it can be used to make money, perhaps you've decided you'd like to try your hand at it.  Let's go over some things you should avoid while micro-blogging then.  You may notice many of these things also apply to regular blogs... that's because it's good information.

1) Too Little Content

Avoid starting a blog that you don't plan on putting much content on.  Example: don't start a blog about cars and then only upload 10 posts.  This blog will sit stagnant and never make a dime... and if it does make a dime, it probably won't make anything after that.  Starting a blog with only a few posts and never working on it again is just time wasted that you could have spent updating or blogging on a larger blog.

2) Topics You Don't Know About

Why on earth would you start a blog about something you know nothing about?  I don't know, but some people do.  They probably think along the lines of, "Oh... finance is a hot topic right now, so I'll start a blog about it and make some money!"  Wrong.  How can you write any content if you don't know much about it?  You also don't want to give misleading information.  If you're going to blog, you need accurate, trustworthy information so that your guests will come back, or send their friends.

3) Starting Something You Don't Care About

This goes right along with points one and two.  You may know quite a lot about finance, but aren't passionate about it.  Why write about it then?  It's guaranteed that if you don't at least care about the topic a little, then you'll end up abandoning the blog at some point down the road (waste of your time at that point), or your content will turn out flat and uninteresting, which will leave your blog stagnant with no returning visitors (also a waste of your time).  If you're going to take the time to do it in the first place, then write about what you know, and love.

4) Avoid over-Advertising

Have you ever seen a blog or website where there was actually more advertising than there was actual content?  Avoid bombarding your readers with advertising or they won't stay long, and won't come back.  They're there for actual content, not ads.  Ads are meant to be unobtrusive, and are meant to compliment your site, rather than be the entirety of your site.

5) Avoid grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.

6) Avoid Keyword Overload

I've come across blogs online before that are nothing more than a post or a page full of a bunch of keywords with no actual content.  Not only does this go against Adsense policy, but any visitors you may have will come in, see that there's nothing there for them to read but a list of words that make no sense, and then leave.  They won't click on any of your ads, and they won't send any of their friends.  Odds are you're likely to get reported, and your blogger and adsense accounts suspended.

7) Avoid Plagiarism

This is the big NO-NO in blogging, period.  If you plagiarize you can get hit with lawsuits, as well as get any accounts you may have with blogger or adsense terminated permanently.  Don't do it!  What is plagiarizing?  Plagiarizing is using someone else's  content without their express permission and without giving them credit.  It would be wise to research how to give someone credit online if you plan on using a quote or something from their works at all.

8) Don't Spam

As always, don't spam the web advertising your blog.  This means you don't want to go to forums and just spam your url all over the place.  The same goes for facebook, the e-mail, or any other place you can think of.

9) Don't ask visitors to visit your ads or 'sponsors'.

This is a big no-no and your adsense account will likely be suspended if you do this because this is a violation of policy.  Other affiliate programs may have different policies that allow you to ask them that, but if adsense finds it on your page and have adsense enabled, you risk losing your account.

While there are many more things that you may learn that will hinder your efforts in making money or running micro-blogs, these are some of the bigger ones that I hope you will avoid.

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