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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Money From Micro-Blogs 401: Concept

What is a micro-blog?  Typically it's a blog just like this one, but on a much smaller, much more targeted scale.

For instance, if you were to write a regular blog about dogs, your goal would be to write about every possible topic about dogs in order to draw in as many visitors as possible.  A micro blog however would focus on one specific aspect of a topic.  A micro-blog on dogs for example might be specifically about dog training and nothing else.  Or perhaps it would be specifically about dog toys and nothing else.  As a micro-blogger your goal would be to have a comprehensive blog on that one specific aspect of the topic you've chosen.

Now, how do you make money on a micro-blog?  In exactly the same way that you would make money with your regular type of blog, as detailed throughout this website.  The concept of making money with a micro-blog however is that instead of having one blog getting lots of visitors, you would have many blogs each getting a few visitors, and each blog would therefor be making less money.

Let's look at it this way:

With a regular comprehensive blog about dogs you might make $100/month.

If you're a micro-blogger you may have 50 micro-blogs on various topics: some about dogs possibly, maybe one on cars and one on kids and one on your faith, etc etc.  Each of those blogs may only make $2/month because they're not getting as much traffic and they don't have quite as much content.  But that adds up.  50 blogs each making $2/month gives you the same end result of a total of $100/month.

Or you could have 100 micro blogs each only making $1/month, and in the end you're still making $100/month.

Micro-blogging does have it's drawbacks however.  First, you can't just sit down and make 50 blogs all in one sitting and expect them to start making money.  With this strategy you will probably be making 1 blog a month, (two if you're fast and really good).

As with all blogs, you can't just make it and let it sit there, or it will go stale and you'll lose any traffic you may have had.  If you did end up having 50 productive micro-blogs, you would need to try to write a couple of new posts for each blog every month (at a minimum), which means writing about two posts a day every day of the month, which can turn into quite a bit of work.

While I have heard of people online who have made a good living off of micro-blogging, I myself prefer to create and maintain a few regular blogs and direct my efforts to creating content and sending traffic to those.  One really successful large blog can trump any efforts you may have otherwise spent on trying to create 50 or more smaller blogs.

I hope this post has given you needed information about making money by micro-blogging.

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