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Friday, September 23, 2011

Starting A Blog 102 - Comments

If you're writing a blog on a controversial issue, perhaps you don't want people to be able to comment on your blog posts.  But, if you're aiming to make money from your blog with advertisements (as we'll go into in another post), then you will probably want to pick a less controversial topic, and enable comments on your blog.

Assuming you've already started your blog, (see THIS post), then let's get into enabling comments on it.

1) Log into your blogger dashboard and click on "Settings" next to your blog.  Once in settings click 'Comments' (should be a blue link).

You want to use the following settings:
Comments: SHOW
Who can comment: ANYONE (you  may have a preference for registered users only, but this will get you far less comments).
Comment form placement: EMBEDDED BELOW POST
Comments default for posts: NEW POSTS HAVE COMMENTS
Backlinks default for posts: NEW POSTS HAVE BACKLINKS
Comments timestamp format: (This is up to your preference.  Choose whatever format you want.  I usually leave it at the default setting).
Comment Form Message: (I usually leave it blank but you can add what you want... ex. Name, E-mail, etc...)
Comment Moderation: (You can choose always or never.  Choose always if you want to see the comments and approve them first before they appear on the site, choose never if you want comments to get posted directly on your site without your prior approval).
E-mail address: Leave this one blank.
Show word verification for comments: YES.  This will prevent some spam.
Comment notification e-mail: Put in your e-mail address if you want to be notified when someone leaves a comment.

Now you need to SAVE SETTINGS.

Congratulations.  Now you're done setting up your comment settings!

For information on dealing with comments people leave you, see #8 on THIS post.

Learn more about setting up your blog in our other posts!


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