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Friday, September 23, 2011

Starting A Blog 103 - Basic Settings

We've set up the blog, we've set up the comments.  Let's just take care of a few of the other basic settings before we start posting.

1) Log into your blogger dashboard.  Click settings next to your blog title.  Select 'Basic' if it's not already selected.

2) You should see the Title of your blog that you already selected.  Leave that alone and go to the 'Description' box below it.  You need to put in a short, concise, accurate description of your blog's purpose.  This will help later with SEO (search engine optimization) and getting traffic, and also affects how your blog shows up in Google searches.  You should aim for one sentence that says it all, but two is acceptable.  Make sure your punctuation and grammar are all correct, and try to put the most important information at the front of the description.

3) Add your blog to our listings?  Select YES if it's not already selected.  This will help your blog be found by other people online.

4) Let search engines find your blog?  Select YES if it's not already selected.  This will allow engines like Google to index your blog which means you can start getting valuable traffic to your site.  We'll go more in depth into traffic in another post.

5) Show quick editing on your blog?  YES.  This will make it easier for you.

6) Show e-mail post links?  Yes or no is up to you.

7) Adult content?  Select yes if your site has any content that is not suitable for children who may stumble across it.  Select no if your site is child appropriate (ex. no cursing, no nudity, no adult themes like sex drugs or alcohol).

8) Select Post Editor: UPDATED EDITOR

9)  Enable transliteration: This is up to you.  I generally disable it.


10) Go to the blue links at the top and click "E-mail and Mobile".

11) Select: YES.  SHOW MOBILE TEMPLATE ON MOBILE DEVICES."   This will make viewing by cell phone or e-readers like Kindle easier for your viewers.  You can then choose a mobile template to your liking.  Click SAVE SETTINGS.

12) Now go to "Permissions" and make sure that under 'Blog Readers' ANYBODY is chosen.

That's about it for the basic settings.  You can browse through the other options in settings and set things to your liking, but for a basic money making website these are good settings to have.

Learn more about setting up and running a money making website in our other posts!


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