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Monday, April 9, 2012

Building Your Blog 401 - Installing XML Templates

So you might be asking yourself, what the heck is an XML template?  First off, a template is how a blog is set up and how it looks.  Blogger gives you many excellent templates to work with.  An XML template is a specific type of template you can download outside of blogger, and then install in your own blog.  Hot Shot Blogger uses a modified XML template, but we'll go into modifying your XML template in a later post.

1) For now head over to FThemes and check out their wide array of free XML templates.  When you see one you like, download it to your desktop and then come back to your Blogger account.  (Note, only buy the theme if you want it without links back to Fthemes at the bottom, and only after you've tried it on your blog and are satisfied with it.  Otherwise the themes are free).

2) Next you'll want to click Design (or click the design tab) of your blog.  From there click: Edit Html.  This will bring you to a place with a lot of code you probably want nothing to do with unless you have coding experience.

3) If you've got a pretty cool template you've already made changes to that you might want back later, now would be a good time to back that up.  You can do that by clicking the 'Download Full Template' link near the top of the page.  Be sure to save it where you can find it later.

4) To get your new XML template into your blog, click the 'Browse' button, find the new template you saved to your desktop, and then click upload.  When this is done, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the edit html design area and click 'Save Template.'

Now you can go take a look at your blog.  There may be some things you'd like to change in the XML template you just downloaded, but we'll cover editing the XML template in a later post.

Do you know of some great free sites for Blogger XML templates?  Drop us a link in a comment below!


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