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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ad Space Giveaway!

Now you can win premium ad space on Hot Shot Blogger for the month of July!  Enter during the month of June below!  There will be one lucky winner!

Prize includes: 

  • 1 Content Slider advertising your blog or website.
  • 1 Blog post advertising your blog or website.
  • 1 Tweet congratulating the winner and announcing their website
  • 1 Featured Ad Space 204 x 204 Pixel ad block in the right column.  (See right column for where the ad space will be).  (Note, you must make your own 204x204 pixel ad).
Note: To be eligible for this prize your blog or website must meet the following guidelines:
- Site must not be of an illegal, discriminatory, derogatory, or sexual nature.
- Site must be free of cursing, scams, viruses, and nudity.
- You must own the site you plan on advertising with us if you win.

If you enter the contest but the blog or site you own and plan on advertising with us does not meet the guidelines, then you are not eligible and will not win.

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And the winner is Amy @manymoneysavers! Congratulations Amy! You'll need to send us a link to your 204 x 204 pixel ad so that we can get it up on the site!

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