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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Building Your Blog 500 - Guest Posts On Your Blog

Guest posting is really a win-win situation for everybody involved.  Why?  Let's take a look at what guest posting really is to start with.

Guest Posting: The act of an author or blogger writing an article, and then giving it to another blog to post in exchange for a short author bio, and several do-follow back links to the author's own site or product.

Ok, now that we know what guest posting is, let's look at why it's advantageous for you as a blogger, and the guest poster (or visa versa).

Advantages for the Guest Poster:
  • Author gets exposure on an already established website.
  • Author gets do-follow back links, which helps the author's own blog rankings, and also sends new readers to the author's blog.
  • Author starts to become known and well established in the blogging community.
  • Author creates interest in them self and their own blog or product.
  • Author gets to show off their best writing work, and knowledge.
  • Author builds their writing portfolio.
  • Author begins to build reader trust.
Advantages for the Blog the guest post is being published on:
  • Blog gets free exclusive content that isn't published anywhere else.
  • Blog author gets a momentary break from writing.
  • Blog gets great new content from a new voice that will interest readers and keep readers interested.
  • Blog author gets the satisfaction of helping new and upcoming bloggers.
  • Blog author gets new content.  New content = more readership and more readership interest.  More readership = more traffic.  More traffic = more $$! 
Advantages for Blog Readers:
  • Readers get new and interesting content.
  • Readers get to see exclusive content by this author that they will not see elsewhere online.

    As you can see, guest blogging creates a win-win situation all around.  Now guest blogging being such a great situation, there are some things you should know about guest blogging, and that's what we're here to help you with today.  Below I've compiled some great resources for you to get you started on your guest blogging journey, either as the guest blogger yourself, or as the blog accepting guest posts.

    For the Blog Owner:

    Plagiarism Checker - As the blog owner, you do not want to accept content that has already been published elsewhere for a variety of reasons, one of the important ones being you don't want to get dinged by the search engines just because a guest blogger lied and copy/pasted someone's work, or lied to you and put the guest post on their own site as well.  You want all exclusive content on your blog, no matter what the topic is.  Use the free Plagiarism Checker to be sure that the content submitted to you by guest bloggers is exclusive, and hasn't been posted online before.
    This article is a great place to start if you're thinking about accepting guest posts in the near future.  I would also take a look at some of your other favorite blogs that also accept guest posts and get a feel for what their rules are.  They may have thought of some rules you haven't yet.

    How To Successfully Pitch A Guest Post - This is a great article.  The pitch is very important so pay attention!

    Well, that's it for now bloggers.  Be on the lookout for more from us on Guest posting.  There's so much to cover that I want to break it up into multiple posts, and in later posts we'll focus in a bit more on some of these topics.

    Do you guest post?  What tips do you have as guest posters, or as bloggers who accept guest posts?  Do you have any questions about guest posting?  Tell all or ask all in a comment below!


    I can see where this would be helpful if you are just starting out your blog, because like mentioned "Author gets exposure on already established website", but what exactly is a blog author? If you are an author, and possibly starting out new, how would you convinvce said already established blog to post your work since you are not professional? Great post by the way, very interesting.

    @Katie: I'm a blog author. What you're reading right now is a blog. Not being 'professional' doesn't have much to do with being a guest author thankfully. Typically a hopeful guest author will make a pitch to the blog they want to get their content onto, and the blog either accepts it or denys it. There are actual several helpful posts out there on the net that teach people how to make a successful pitch to blogs. Mostly what the blogs care about is this:
    1) Is the guest post original?
    2) Is it well written?
    3) Will it bring value to the blog?
    4) Is it relevant and do the blog readers want to see it?

    If so then they will likely accept the guest post, thus giving the new author exposure and much needed backlinks.

    Thanks for your questions!

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