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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting Traffic 108 - Pay With A Tweet Button

Social sharing is a hugely effective way to market your blog.  We've talked about this before in other posts, but it's definitely worth the mention again here.  Let me introduce you to the 'Pay With A Tweet' service.

Your first step is to create an e-book with highly valuable information, or offer something else of value to your visitors (mp3's you've created, entrance to your site, entrance to a raffle for a big prize, etc).

Next you'll go to Pay With A Tweet and make a free 'Pay' button.

Offer your free merchandise on your site, and let visitors know that all they have to do to get what you're offering is 'pay with a tweet' by pushing the button.  That's it.

Why is the 'Pay With A Tweet' button so awesome?  Well let's look at the way Google works now.

After the newest panda/penguin updates, Google doesn't give a lot of importance to low quality backlinks anymore.  What they do give a lot of importance to is social media and social sharing.  If Google sees your blog or url being shared hundreds or even thousands of times all of a sudden, then they move your site up in the search engine rankings at least temporarily, because they want to share what's hot, and they figure if a lot of people are tweeting about it, then it is.

You're basically letting other people do all the hard work for you of moving your site up in the search engines.  Lets just say ten people tweet out your site to get your free offer.  Each of those ten people has ten followers that come and get your free offer by tweeting it out... now you've got 100 tweets in just a short time.  Each of those 100 has ten people that tweet it = 1,000 tweets, etc etc.  Not only are you going to be getting organic search engine traffic because your site will move up in the SERP, but also traffic from twitter itself.

You will of course need to offer something more than just the free e-book or mp3 on your site in order to keep your visitors browsing or coming back for more, or else your traffic is just wasted.  Your goal is to offer something incredible that everybody in your niche wants just to get their attention, and then catch their eye with all of your other great content.

Social sharing sites like Twitter are important to boosting your search engine rankings, so give it a try. Do you know of other similar free Twitter Services? Have you used Pay With A Tweet on your site? Let us know in a comment below. We'd love to hear if you had success, or failure using Pay With A Tweet. Don't forget to subscribe and follow for more great blogging, page rank, and Twitter resources!


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