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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monetizing 104 - Paid Text Link Ads aka The Big Flop

You may have heard of sites like TLA (http://www.text-link-ads.com/) that pay you for link ads within your text or other places on your website.  They claim (or at least TLA does) that buying these links for a flat rate will push your site higher on the search engine page rankings.  Sounds like a great deal for you... buying your way to the top.  But in all reality it's a bad deal for the buyer, and for anyone who puts these types of ads on their website.

Pinoymoneytalk.com has done their research and has examples of how Google has fought these text link ads tooth and nail, and has in some cases actually penalized sites for buying these ads, or selling them on their site.  Check out their article HERE for more information.

The bottom line about text link ads of any sort: Avoid them at all costs.  Yes, they can make you money, but at what cost?  Your page ranking could drop, and that equals less traffic for you, and less clicks on any of the ads on your site.

If you have already been penalized for having these ads on your site, and have since removed them, supposedly you can contact Google and get some of your page ranking back.

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