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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Posting 201 - Scheduling

You've learned the basics of blogging, and you've posted quite a bit in order to build up your blog and site traffic (every day in fact, or every other day).  But what happens when you're going to be on vacation or away from a computer for days on end?  Not to worry, because you can write your posts ahead of time and set them to publish while you're away!

1) Write your post as you normally would.

2) Label it as you normally would.

3) Click 'Post Options' just below the 'Labels' field.

4) Click 'Scheduled At' rather than 'Automatic'.

5) Now you can choose a date and time.  Let's say you're going to be away tomorrow but you want your post to publish tomorrow.  So just set the date one day ahead. 

6) Click 'Publish Post' as normal.  Viola!  Your readers won't ever know you've been away unless you tell them you have!  (Note: After scheduling a post, when you click 'Publish Post' you won't be able to see the post until it publishes at the date and time you specified).

If you're going to be away for 10 days, go ahead and take the time to write the ten posts ahead of time and set them to post one a day, or post multiple posts a day.  It's all up to you!

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This is a great idea for those days you have more time than others! Some days I can type away for hours and others, I have about 20 minutes to catch up on everything. I am about to click over to your post about Time Management.. It would be helpful on those 20-min days.

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